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About Ashy Feet


Donovan Quixote


Grindhouse Snickers

Storage Cloudz


Feature Film

Donovan Quixote is an indie feature film about a black dude from Oakland, Ca who thinks America is trying to kill him. He concludes that the only way for him to be safe is to leave America, but family, finances and fate keep bringing him home.

The film follows Donovan McKindry through the years as he grows and learns to deal with black life in America and he stumbles upon the idea that he might be liberated if he just leaves the U.S.A.

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Short Films

Storage Cloudz is an action short that satirizes how you feel when your harddrive crashes and you haven’t backed up lately.

A couple hoodlums try to outsmart an attorney who promises to get them off from their crimes, unaware he is the devil himself.

Brenda comes home to tell Darrel they’re having a baby. Darrel, isn’t ready.


Snickers “Grindhouse Zombies”

Orbit Gum “Action She-Ro’s”

Car Loan “Flirt”