Character Sheets

Printable Character Sheets

Want to get together with friends and play Shibuyan Knights?! I want that for you too.

click the link below, and download some Character Sheets!


These will get you started. Want more information on Shibuya, guilds, rules and maps? There all in the game book. You have the game book, right? Get it here, at DriveThru.

Online Character Keepers

Want to play Shibuyan Knights online via Zoom or Discord. Here, let me help. Click below to open a Google Doc what will help you keep games organizes. Don’t forget to save to your Google Drive. Obviously you’ll need a Google mail (Gmail) account to do all of this, but that’s free.

This Character Keeper has some automated features to help you and your players during character creation. Edit the character sheet at your own risk! I want this to be helpful, but it breaks easily. And if you make some awesome upgrades, please, let me know, I’ll give you a credit.

This Character keeper will give you everything you need to play Shibuyan Knights. Want more information on the city of Shibuya? Guilds? Rules? Maps? They’re all in the game book. You have the game book, right? If not, Get it here at DriveThru

What Is Shibuyan Knights?

Learn about the City of Shibuya

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