Dark Heists

Spooky Crime Deckbuilder board game

“A game of deckbuilding heists with crooked cops, horrific monsters & other criminals.”

Dark Heists is a deckbuilding board game where you play a gang willing to recruit crooked cops, monsters and other criminals to do spooky crimes in this neo-Victorian setting. Use sway to recruit new gang members and use crime to do larceny and heists. If other players, representing other gnag in the city get in the way or out of  hand, spend coins to haunt their deck, steal their money or bring heat on them from authoraties that haven’t been bought yet.

Dark Heists is inspired by video games like Dishonored,  and table top role-playing games like Blades in the Dark. It was prototyped using AI art, and is currently being playtested, and art is being commissioned from real live artists!