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Shibuyan Knights is available for sale!

Shibuyan Knights is an Anime-style RPG that lets you play adventures like your favorite shows and movies! It ships with the steampunk, magical world of Shibuya, where everything works on favors, and as you rise in reputation level, you gain more influence and power in the city.

  • Forged in the Dark
  • Quick, fast character creation
  • Detailed, high-resolution maps
  • Guilds, institutions and organizations that get your game started
  • Step by step advice on running action-packed adventures.
  • Mechanics to custom build your own vehicles, mecha, gadgets spells and bases
  • Shibuyan Knights lets you resolve adventures creatively. Not just combat!
  • Tone slides easily from light-hearted to youth- oriented to morally gray

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Snickers “Grindhouse Zombies”

Orbit Gum “Action She-Ro’s”

Car Loan “Flirt”

Short Films

Storage Cloudz is an action short that satirizes how you feel when your harddrive crashes and you haven’t backed up lately.

A couple hoodlums try to outsmart an attorney who promises to get them off for their crimes, unaware he is the devil himself.

Brenda comes home to tell Darrel they’re having a baby. Darrel isn’t ready.