Shibuyan Knights

Action Anime RPG

Shibuyan Knights is an Anime-style RPG that lets you play adventures like your favorite shows and movies! It ships with the steampunk, magical world of Shibuya, where everything works on favors, and as you rise in reputation level, you gain more influence and power in the city.

  • Forged in the Dark
  • Quick, fast character creation
  • Detailed, high-resolution maps
  • Guilds, institutions and organizations that get your game started
  • Step by step advice on running action-packed adventures.
  • Mechanics to custom build your own vehicles, mecha, gadgets spells and bases
  • Shibuyan Knights lets you resolve adventures creatively. Not just combat!
  • Tone slides easily from light-hearted to youth- oriented to morally gray

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Holdfast: Station

Hard Sci-Fi RPG

“We’re all going to make it off this rock someday – until then, we’re all in this together.”

Holdfast Station is a role-playing game in which you play characters in a grim, blue-collar community working and surviving on an asteroid mine in the far reaches of space. Play alternates between Events – moments of high drama, calamity and risk – and Cycles, when the community rebuilds and fortifies against future peril.

Holdfast Station is an innovative PbtA-based system that’s quick to set-up and play, with alternatively descriptive Tags and world building questions making session zero quick and set’s the tone of the game. Getting in is easy; getting out isn’t.

Play as a one-shot to save the day, or as a campaign to see your Holdfast thrive, survive or die.

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Alien Omen

I don’t know what these outer space aliens want, but they can’t have our town!

Alien Omen is a Forged in the Dark, Horror TTRPG that explores what happens to regular people when they come into contact with the terrifying reality that we’re not alone in the universe and ‘they’ want to take over Earth!

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A Comedy Horror TTRPG about a curious quartet of supernatural sleuths and their oddly clever canine.  Inspired by Beloging Outside Belonging mechanics, players save the day by doing goofy antics to power up their super moves. Very Scooby Doo-ish.

A horror comedy TTRPG for people who like their scary funny.

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Gimme That!

A fun game of give and take. To win, finish with the most jewels. But nothing is that easy. Draw, steal, and skip as the game speeds up. 3 ticks on the table and it’s all over. A card game for 1 to 5 players.

Dragon Battle

“We found the dragon and he’s not happy.” Team up to defeat the dragon before he and his minions eat your party. A card game for 1-4 players or play in solo player mode.

My Approach & Values

There are a lot of problems  in the world. “Shouldn’t you do something more serious than making games?” This is a question I’ve heard more than a few times. Growing up, playing games with my family were times we had real joy in my childhood home. In college I was introduced to role playing games and I saw people choose to engage in community also find joy.

Poet, Toi Derricotte wrote ‘Joy is an act of resistance.” I make games to build community, inspire joy and help everyone feel included.  Is that serious enough for you? Have fun. 

My Goal

  • Games that are inclusive
  • Games that are fun the first time and better the next
  • Games that are memorable
  • Games that are easy to learn
  • Games that serve a wider audience.